Miko Mikami

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Hardware Mascot
General Information
Full NameMiko Mikami
DesignerRyusuke Hamamoto
Voiced bySora Tokui
Mascot OfMicrosoft Surface
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorPurple and Yellow

Miko Mikami (Japanese: 三神みこ), also known as Mikamiko (ミカミコ) is the mascot of Microsoft Surface and its peripherals.


Miko Mikami's earliest appearance online was from a video called "Surface Artist's Three Sacred Treasures" uploaded on August 10, 2017[1] by Microsoft Surface Japan. She is illustrated by Ryusuke Hamamoto (濱元隆輔), but she did not have a name yet.

She was later featured in the Artist's Three Sacred Treasures giveaway campaign by Microsoft Japan, [2] starting from August 11 until August 25, where participants submit the name for the character, and the winner would receive a Surface Pen, Surface Pro, and a Surface Dial.

Miko Mikami's name was chosen through a poll made on September 11, 2017,[3] among other candidates such as Saepi (さえぴ), Jingii (ジンギー), and Saffi (サッフィー), and her name was officially announced on September 16.

She is voiced by Sora Tokui (徳井青空).[4]

What Makes Her a Mascot?

  • Her design feature Microsoft Surface and the Microsoft logo's color scheme.
  • She is portrayed using a Surface Pro, Surface Dial and the Surface Pen.
  • She was featured in an online art contest by Microsoft Japan from December 18 until December 31, 2017 [4]
  • Merchandise of her was distributed in Comiket 93, where first 100 participants who collected keywords from the "How to use the Three Sacred Treasures" videos would receive stickers of Miko Mikami. [4]

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