Wiki:Admissible Articles

From Wiki is a site about Moe Mascots. Unlike its sister projects and, Original Characters and Content are usually not allowed. Characters that may be associated with an admissible Mascot but that are not Moe Mascots themselves cannot have their own entry as well, but they may be mentioned in the admissible article.

To be admissible, the article should at least be about one of the following:

  • A Mascot that can be associated with the feeling of moe, and that is officially acknowledged as Mascot or equivalent by what it represents, or notable enough if it is unofficial;
    • Since the definition of moe is vague, we are fairly lenient on this but reserve the right to reject a Mascot that is not "moe enough" according to our judgment;
    • The Mascot must be human or human-like (elves, cat eared humans, or animals built and behaving like humans can be admissible).
  • A list of Official or notable Merchandise or Media featuring it, or notable Appearances;
    • This must be a Subpage of an existing Mascot entry.
  • A notable event involving Moe Mascots.

If none of these criteria is satisfied, your article will likely not fit this Wiki and be deleted. If you believe that your article in this situation should be admissible, you can still open a discussion in the Moeverse discussion channels.

Also, the following entries are not admissible:

  • Main Characters in a Video Game, Anime, or other Work, unless they are clearly used outside the scope of said Work to promote a larger entity;
  • Mascots linked to questionable or harmful entities like pornographic websites, illegal websites or organizations, hate speech groups, etc.;
  • Mascots of cryptocurrencies not endorsed by the Moeverse Project.