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Infobox for admissible Mascots.

General Template

If not applicable or redundant (like don't fill both measurements and height), then simply completely remove a line (don't keep it with something like N/A).

{{Infobox Mascot
|type = Type of Mascot
|image = Image of the character.png
|images = Allows the use of Template:Tabbed Gallery, will be ignored if image is used
|fullname = Full character name
|alias = Aliases (nicknames,...)
|born = Character's Date of Birth. The format should be "YYYY-MM-DD".
|birthday = Character's Birthday if indeterminate year (do not use both born and birthday). The format should be "Month Day".
|designer = Who designed/created the character
|inspiration = From which character this one is inspired, if not purely original
|voice = Official Voice Actor or Actress (if any)
|debut = When the character was first published, in the YYYY-MM-DD format
|mascot = What this character represents
|available = If it is a product or site, when it was first available in its first finalized form (or notable form if it makes little sense to talk about a finalized form), in the YYYY-MM-DD format. Not necessarily to the general public: use the Released to Manufacturing date rather than the General Availability one for example.
|established = use this instead of available in other cases like companies/groups or brands.
|developer = Who develops what is represented (in case it is a software)
|owner = Who owns what is represented (in case it is something like a company)
|measurements = Character's height and weight
|height = Character's height if weight not known
|haircolor = Character's Hair Color
|eyecolor = Character's Eye Color


Site Mascot
General Information
Full NameEmma
BirthdayDecember 29
First available2023-12-29
Measurements165 cm, 57 kg
Hair ColorDirty Blonde
Eye ColorBlue
{{Infobox Mascot
|type = [[:Category:Site Mascots|Site Mascot]]
|image = Emma Cropped.png
|fullname = Emma
|birthday = December 29
|designer = [[User:Pttn|Pttn]]
|debut = 2023-12-29
|mascot = Mascots.moe
|available = 2023-12-29
|measurements = 165 cm, 57 kg
|haircolor = Dirty Blonde {{Color Tile|#E1CB7C|3/4 R + 3/5 G + 1/5 B}}
|eyecolor = Blue {{Color Tile|#497CCB|Iris: 1/15 R + 1/5 G + 3/5 B}} {{Color Tile|#1E3861|Pupil: 1/75 R + 1/25 G + 3/25 B}}