Hikaru Aizawa

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Application Mascot
General Information
Full NameHikaru Aizawa
RepresentsMicrosoft Silverlight
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Hikaru Aizawa (藍澤光), is the mascot for Microsoft Silverlight promoted by Microsoft Taiwan.


Hikaru Aizawa first appeared on the Microsoft Taiwan's Silverlight website on September 27 2010.[1] She was originally planned for Microsoft Taiwan's 2010 Tech Days campaign [2], to promote Microsoft Silverlight.


Her profile from the original website [3];

  • Born: September 27 (Libra);
  • Measurements: 158 cm, 42 kg;
  • Hobbies: singing, dancing, listening to music;
  • Likes: Sweets, roast meat, rice cake red bean soup;
  • Dislikes: Spicy food, natto.

Hikaru is the last of four sisters. Her elder sisters are Yu, Aoi, and Lei. [4] She is also the cousin of Inori Aizawa. [5]

What Makes Her a Mascot?

  • Her design features Microsoft Silverlight's logo elements.
  • She was endorsed by Microsoft Taiwan as a virtual brand ambassador.


  • After the discontinuation of Microsoft Silverlight in October 2021, Hikaru Aizawa's original designer Shinia repurposed her character for a dating sim game called Brilliant Starlight Secret Love (星光燦爛 Secret Love)[6], and renamed her Hikaru Hoshi.

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